Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"If there's a prize for rotten judgement...."

"If there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that. No man is worth the aggravation.....That's ancient history. Been there, done that."

Story of my life, eh? This is my formal apology for all my cranky-ness lately guys. If you all knew the whole story I might be more forgiven...but each of you only know a small part of the big picture (even if you think you know the whole thing, you really dont.). So I apologize again for my being a horrible person lately, and ask you to bare with me for a bit longer...Things are clearing up and I'm begining to handle everything lots better (ON MY OWN! YAY! I'm being independant again!)
It is officially summer and I'm so glad, as expected the drama is begining to clear up and life is getting easier. I'm being placid and relaxed...and for me that's kind of a big thing. The summer is alight with promise and allure. Everyone can feel it and the electricity in the air from it makes me wonder exactly what this summer will bring. Everyone's growing up and with that 'new found maturity' (I personally think I'll be more immature this summer than last summer...but thats ok) comes new found responsibility. Lake days become more than just sitting at the beach or boating with our parents...Random trips to Park City loose their chaparones (HOLEEEEEEEE HOLRRRRRRRRRR)... Curfews become more iffy and talking to people until 4 am becomes a small thing... Cars play a big part and cell phones become permanently attached to everyones hands.... swim suits become more than pink one pieces with a frilly skirt.... and 'summer crush comes to mean more than an orange flavored drink we have when we're hot... BBQ's expand from just your family....and movie nights turn into actual dates...but one thing that will never ever change is how much we love eachother and how we'll always be here for eachother. No matter what. Sometimes some of us get cranky (and its not just me!), sometimes some of us become anti-social, sometimes some of us can't stand being around others, and sometimes we feel as though we'll never be able to live without them....but we'll always have eachother. Hannha, Jebby, Ty Ty, Bwiwwa, Besto, Norgan and Randalynn....... though we fight, scream, cry, ignore, hate, love, and laugh...together's what we'll always be. No matter what the summer brings... forever and always.


P.S. The quote for the day comes from my great grandfather...he was a writer and this was the last thing in the world he wrote before he died: "There are many things to hold and behold in this wonderful rotten world" ~Norm Fuellenbach

Monday, May 7, 2007

Block Slacker = Erin

Ok I know I'm the biggest blog slack of all time....I mean come on it's been a full freaking month since I've blogged. But lately I'm not feeling to partial to sitting inside on the computer and blogging in my spare time...especially since lately my spare time sessions have been few and far between. Lame. lol So school's almost out...so much has happened this year I'm not sure where to begin really. I've made new friends, fallen out of touch with old ones, and gotten in touch with even older ones. I've grown up and everyone around me has too...It's insane to think what all of use were like this time last year, how naive we were...and yet how utterly happy to be so. Hannah says growing up is disappointment, but I dont know if that's true. I think it's one of those glass half empty or half full kind of things. Sure you get disappointed as childhood fantasies come to an end as you grow up, but so many new and beautiful things are introduced to us I dont think judgement can be passed. El cheapo was last weekend, and prom was two weeks before that. Both were insanely fun, in completely different ways and yet I wouldn't change any of it. Kasey and I had an amazing time at prom, our group was insane and the boys were the sweetest ever. They planned everything from pizza and a water fight to fillet mignon and a hummer stretch limo. Prom was amazing, and I really did feel like a princess. If prom was amazing el cheapo was just as fabulous, but minus the formality. We all went to the DI and picked out our dates outfits...insanity. Lake ended up in a kilt, jeb as a jeanie, kelsey as a slut, enano in a sweater vest and besto in blue....oh wow. Ok so the remember when things....It's my turn.

Remember when:
  • We ate pixisticks in my kitchen laughing?
  • Things happened in days?
  • We went to the hot pots and you were wearing your 'under-clothes'
  • You cried cause things were changing to fast?
  • You told me your biggest secret ever?
  • We kissed on my couch just because we were both single and could?
  • We re-visited emo lane because we had to get everything off our chests?
  • When that song followed me around all summer?
  • Dr. Greene?
  • The My Humps dance?
  • When we were going to make music videos?
  • How the sound of his name makes me grin?
  • The For Sale Sign?
  • Kris hiding in the bushes?
  • Writing our names on the playground?
  • When we had our guitar lesson and I was so excited to learn?
  • How crushed I was?
  • How head over heels I was for him, even when I tried not to be?
  • How I looked like Anastasia because I wanted him to take that second glance?
  • "And then we'll wake up unconcious"
  • 3 hand squeases? And 4 to reply?
  • When you literally saved my life?
  • How I used to go to your house and yell and scream and cry when I was frustrated?
  • How many lives were ruined?
  • How I shouldn't ever have cared because he lives "across the pond"
  • How furious you make me because you don't think about the consequences and then you piss everyone off and can't figure out why we're so mad at you.
  • When I FINALLY realized he was a hobag, and that I really was over him.
  • When we joked about a 3-some
  • When you were lying on a couch in my basement and I was lying on your stomache and you told me you loved me for the first time?
  • I found out everything I never wanted to know about him?
  • He told me I would be a good booty call?
  • Seeing the dolphin when we were swimming?
  • How nervous everyone was for choir?
  • How disappointed I was that I didnt make it until he told me it was because my schedule was insane?
  • Park hopping so we could talk?
  • Me knowing exaclty what it means to be up that freaking early?
  • Swim over-nighters and their insanity?
  • Lake the tiger and enano bunny in the puppet show?

So this is it for now, I hope this will ease the blog nazi's and their endless rampage against blog slackers... ;) they know I love them :D I love you all!