Saturday, November 1, 2008


First off I would like to thank Victor for noting that I actually can spell pneumonia, and considering the number of drugs that are currently in my system I would say that's actually quite impressive. So here is how my week has gone, Monday... felt like crap.... Tuesday and Wednesday... felt like crap. Thursday, collapsed after my race the EMT sent me to the Urgent Care, they diagnosed me with pneumonia. So that's happy but the best is yet to come. They apparently can't tell from the X-rays if my pneumonia is viral or bacterial... which is exciting... bacterial can be fatal and viral is apparently just a pain in the ass. They game me an entire pharmacy full of drugs and said "here take these, if you don't feel better by Sunday come back and we'll put you on an IV and you can spend a few nights in the hospital" So that's a good time.. I've pretty much sat on the couch going entirely stir crazy because I've been banned from the pool, and banned from school because apparently everyone thinks that by boring me to death I might some how magically get better... right.
So while I've been lying here "on my death bed" I've had a nice little bit of time to think about everything and everyone. You realize that the ones that text you every day to check up on you and the ones that come over just to say hi are the people you should be worrying about. Everyone else is pretty inconsequential. It's easy to get caught up in things, people, school, family, I think this sickness was a nice little wake up call for me to slow things down a bit and recognize those that really matter. So thanks to Britta Marie, Berto, and Jake for coming over to check up on me, and thanks to Natalie, Hannah, Lurpey and Troy for texting me to check up on me :D You guys are quite wonderful and I love you lots. :D

I'll be home under house arrest all weekend. Come visit, I'm running out of things to do. LOL

Love always

Erin Jo