Sunday, November 25, 2007

You light up my life...

So last night Hannah and I went on a date with Joseph and Chad.. that was eventful. lol :) That is another story in and of itself though. The ending of that story is where this thought process begins. We went to Temple Square as the wrap up of our date last night and it really got me thinking... It's amazing how something so simple as Christmas lights can bring joy to so many people. I wasn't told where we were going last night so I neglected to bring a coat, so out there in my swim jacket freezing to death it finally hit me... Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and each good deed, each little reaction sybolizes one of the points of light at Temple Square. By themselves they're a mini miracle, but they're mundane and often overlooked, but when you compile them, the ending picture is magical. It's amazing how thousands of Christmas lights can detach you from reality and put you in a place of enchantment. I guess life is funny that way. The moral of this story is to put things into perspective and think about what's important in your life. :)

All my love always,
Erin Jo

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm sitting by the window,
Waiting for the rain,
The tears are coming faster,
I'm choking on the pain,
The hate and lies that I've built up,
All come pouring down,
My discontent and envy,
Earns a disapproving frown,
I'm drowning in my heartache,
I'm choking on my tears,
I can't help but wishing,
I could feel you near,
You and me, forever to be,
You're always my best friend,
Unitl the day that you met him,
The beginning of the end,
They say that people come and go,
I never thought you would,
Other people came and went,
I never thought you could,
The day you left my heart broke,
You never saw my tears,
Now I'm left completely alone,
To deal with my fears.
Best friends should be forever,
What happened to us then?
I thought we'd be together,
Until the bitter end.
Now I wait in silence,
The tears have all run dry,
I will always remember,
How you left me for that guy.

Dedicated to my Enano, who is one of the few people in my world who is truely able to relate to this poem, with lots of love and thank you's for letting me sit on his bed and cry every Sunday and for never ever failing to make me feel better.

All my love,