Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not important

Spring turns into summer,
Summer turns into fall,
Days and nights,
End on end,
With no ending at all,
Break-ups become make-ups,
Friends become something more,
Good times, bad times,
Continuous motion,
School is never a bore,
But winter now is ending,
And Spring shall come again,
Days and nights,
End on end,
With no ending at all.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What they mean to me...

Huzzah! New Blogs! Hurray. lol I know, I'm a slacker. But the blog nazi's have yet to chew me out so I figured that I'm least for a little while. So today was the start of the new term and it was of the devil. Jake and i had a HUUUUGGGGEEEE row today, and when I say huge I mean "i-was-going-to-sick-hannah-on-him-cause-i-didn't-want-to-deal-with-him" huge. It was epic, and even though we worked it out, he's still unhappy because the solution was basically "Erin gets to work after school every day for 5 weeks so she can raise $550 to go on choir tour" and now he's pissed cause he won't get to see me. People say that girls are dramatic...but really guys are just as dramatic as we are. Honestly. Ok I'm done talking about Jake cause I'm pretty sure that if all I did with this blog was complain about Jake the blog nazi's would come kidnapp me and put me in the holocaust oven we found in hannah's basement that britta put randi and lurpe in...teeheeheeee. K after the longest run on sentence ever, moving on. guess what I thought about a lot today? What everyone means to me and how they are important to me. So I decided to write a little "Ode to my love(s)"

Britta- She is my other half, she listens to me and she doesn't judge me on what I've done. She knows everything about me and still condecendes to hang out with me. That must count for something.

Hannah- Silly silly girl. She is my twin, and no matter what happens with me and Jake she always gets it. I just have to start the story and she can fill in the rest. She listens to me and actually sometimes understands what I'm trying to say. It's quite an accomplishment.

Jennifer- This girl is amazing, she is one of the few people that can challege me to look at things in a way I've never looked at them before. She's just silly, she always makes me grin.

Michaelface- Even though we've got a past, he still manages to be there for me no matter what. I don't even have to ask. I love that boy.

Berto- He gives me amazing advice, and make's me feel important. He's always up for snowboarding and I owe him so many cows I don't know how to deal.

Morgan- Silly girl! I love her to death, she's always got something to say that makes me grin. And i love the fact that she's independant and doesn't let anyone change her beliefs. Right on sista.

Spiva/Buddy/Princess- We're attached at the hip, the heart, and the head. We'll be friends forever, he knows everything about me, and knows exactly how to push my buttons and where I'm the most ticklish. He knows why I am the way I am, every little thing that goes on in my life. And when we turn 30 if neither of us are married we're getting married. Our past has been an interesting, if cliche one.

Jake- That boy can always make me laugh. He balances me out and tries to keep me calm. He's also one of the few people that can keep up with me both mentally and physically. He can be a total sweetheart, even though he has an ego. I really am quite lucky to have him.

Enano- I'm in love with this boy. He's so sweet, he can always cheer me up, and he can be meaner than mean and I still just laugh and tell him I love him. He's one of those people that the world picks on because it knows he can handle it. It's refreshing.

Lurpe- This kid, I don't even know. Sometimes we get along great, sometimes he hates me and i just want to slap him. Either way i think that he's an amazingly funny kid and a real sweetheart, he also has mad guitar skills that i wish i had. Sadly enough he's doomed to hate me forever.

Randi- I love her. She's loud, energetic and sometimes annoying as they get. But she can always make me smile and she always has just enough energy to make everyone laugh, even if it's at her expense. We really don't give her enough credit.

Ty Ty- He used to be my brother, we were closer than close for years. Then came April, hopefully things can return to the way they were....

Abby- She's my P.E. and math buddy, when we're together we're spontanious and weird, usually talking in british accents. She can make me smile and she's one person who's approval I crave.

Kelsey- KJ, good times, bad times, times in between. We were always there....hopefully we'll always be there.

Ed- We're debate buddies, we talk about everything, we debate about everything. Sometimes I swear that kid reads my mind. He's amazing to be around and we kick some seroius butt in spar together.

Chis- He knows how to make me smile, he listens to me and never tells a soul, he knows exactly where i'm ticklish, and i never have to explain anything to him. He just knows.

I could go on forever, I have more people...but i'll save it for another day. It's time for bed.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pissed at the world

This is my formal letter of apology if I have at any time snapped at you in the last week. Finals are of the devil. I've basically been on the verge of tears all week, and I've been emotional, AND my 4.0 is on the line here because of one vindictive and utterly stupid theater teacher. I'm so stressed out right now, and to top all that off I have a big secret that I'll tell you all personally but it's not fit to print as it were. ALSO Jake. What can I say about Jake? Everything and nothing at the same time. He's the biggest cause of my stress, he's an arrogent prat, he's selfish, he's self centered, some days I'm not sure whether or not he gives a damn about me, he's a good kisser, he can be a total sweetheart, but I swear he gets some sort of vindictive pleasure out of pissing me off and breaking my heart. Because that's what he's doing, slowly but surely he's breaking my heart. And the sad thing is I'm not all that surpised. Ok now that I'm sorta done ranting (aka i'm to the point that i can just shut up and deal with the rest on my own.) I'm going to post a list of things that I bet you didn't know about me (and this excludes Britta because she knows most everything about me)

1. I'm really really really insecure.
2. My grades mean the world to me because they're all that i have.
3. I'm a romantic at heart.
4. My favorite types of books are fiction ones with happy endings.
5. My favorite food is italian.
6. I tell my mom everything.
7. Kris Powell was my first kiss.
8. Spiva was my kiss in the rain.
9. Jacob Ward was my kiss under the fireworks.
10. I love the logic in math even though I'm not very good at it.
11. School is one of my favorite things.
12. I have a really really hard time trusting people.
13. I've never actually read the dictionary.
14. I'm a poet but I really don't like people reading what I write.
15. My nickname used to be Tuft.
16. CSI is my favorite show.
17. I love murder mysteries.
18. I love to travel.
19. I hate living in Heber simply because I hate being discrimminated against.
20. Some people don't like me because I'm not Mormon.
21. When I'm sad I read Peter Pan
22. I never think I'm good enough for anyone.
23. I secretly want to find that one guy who will treat me like a princess.
24. Secretly I don't care whether it's the U or the Y, I only pick the U to cause tension.
25. I love to argue.
26. I hate to cry, it makes me feel weak.
27. Weakness is my greatest fear.
28. I feel like I always have to be the strong one.
29. If you ever need a ride call me. I'll come pick you up.
30. I sometimes wonder if I have a stress related mental disorder because I stress so much.

Ok well now that i've basically bared my soul. It's your turn


Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years

So I'm not exactly sure what to think, but I do know that this New Years Eve isn't one I'm likely to forget. Guitar Hero for hours, trying new foods, getting calls at 11:45 and finding one incredibly wasted 16 year old who needed to be taken care of, stupid Tom calling at at exactly the wrong moment, and dealing with a very hung over teenager in the morning. Thank you for being there for me, and helping me be there for her. I couldn't have done it without you.


Remember how glad I was that you wouldn't leave me in the entry way with him?

Remember how much Mountain Dew we drank?

Remember how we ran all the way to Sarah's in the snow but sprinted back just so we were in time to see them perform?

Remember how we got through the line and arrived at the stage right as they walked on, we thought it was fate?

Remeber when we would make her have all the sucky roles in our skits because she was always late?

Remember "What an idiot."?

Remember the Litter Box Incident?

Remember Astro Girl, Astro Beast, and Astro Ass?

Remember "Where was Pirates of the Carribean filmed?"

Remeber learning Dirty Little Secret?

Remember Grant?

Remember Miss America/ Wonder Woman?

Remember going to see Nanny McPhie and swearing never to tell anyone?

Remember all the goldfish the first time we hung out?

Remember when I wrote you a Hogwarts letter?

Remember reading until 3 am?

Remember forgetting her and having to go back and get her?

Remember the 'self - inviter'?

Remember writing Horoscopes?

Remember the apple in her class?

Remember when I got my first kiss?

Remember living in a box on emo lane?

Remember meeting Trent?

Remember going to the playground and trying to get him to ask her out?

Remember when he found her phone in the rocks and she told him she loved him making him jealous?

Remember when we told her your grandma died and she couldnt come to the funeral because she wasn't there when she died?

Remember how covering the phone with my thumb didnt work?

Remember I secretly....and then I not so secretly when we ran out of things to say?

Remember Astro Girl Revisited?

Remember when you told me your secret and I made you promise never ever again?

Remember going to get Jones at all hours of the night?

Remember how I always got Gatorade?

Remember when he did the My Humps dance and when we met Dr. Greene?

Remember how he scared me when he grabbed my ankle from under the car?

Remember when we were almost a thing?

Remember how many tears I shed for him?

Remember how he lied to me to make me hate him?

Remember how I wanted to hate him but never could?

Remember "screw the boys!" and "uhhhhh no thanks"?

Remember the For Sale sign?

Remember cat calling to him and stopping in front of his neighbors?

Remember when they all liked her?

Remember Little Vid Vid?

Remember the 4th of July stories I told?

Remember how I got Boom?

Remember the smile I got when you said his name?

Remember hiking Timp and having him hate us?

Remember when I confronted you about liking him?

Remember when we figured out he liked me?

Remember everything at the park?

Remember watching Saw with him?

Remember our first kiss?

Remember Music Man drama?

Remember when I didnt want to join swim team?

Remember when I bought him a crown and sash and made him wear it on his Birthday?

Remember when I didn't like her?

Remember when we watched CSI for 6 hours?

Remember cup o noodles, cake, and baking brownies?

Remember my blue sparkly dream dress?

Remember the pink mini?

Remember when I tripped while turning off the lights?

Remember how she used to hit on me just to see what I would do?

Remember how sad I was when you went to California?

Remember playing the cup game a million times?

Remember how we made amazing friends and lost some old ones?

Remember who we were?



P.S. Everyone did one so I wanted to too.