Sunday, July 15, 2007


Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Little Bloggy blog. I am, for some reason, exceedingly happy to be blogging today. It could quite possibly be because I'm all kinds of sick of freaking macs and am enjoying being back on my little PC once again. Sorry to all my loyal fans for not being around lately...for some reason I have decided to fall off the face of the earth....Well I'm back now! For a little bit at least.... So that's nice...maybe. Ummm.... Lately three things have occupied my life, Swim (big surprise there...), Work (and freaking macs that hate my soul), and my books. I've been reading non-stop for about a week and it feels so nice. During the school year I had no time to read and never the energy but this summer I've fallen back in love with my books and their characters. Naturally I've been reading my "Erin Books" as Britta calls them. (Erin Books entail fantasy books with a heroine, magic, and usually a really good looking guy. But if it gets classified as a romance novel I won't read it, I'm predjudice :D)
So this week I've learned a lesson.... As much as you try to protect some people, everyone needs a chance to make their own mistakes. Now this lesson seems pretty basic, especially for someone like me who thrives off of their own independence, but I've been sheltering some people for a little too long. And as much as I want to protect them, its time to let them face reality.... (hahah i'm going to be such a pain in the ass mother someday) So I guess this is me lightening my protection up.... at least a little bit ;)
Another thing I've been thinking about recently is passion. Too often in our lives as teenagers do we let ourselves live life in motions... One habit after another, day in and day out, without really seeing the beauty in anything. Sometimes it takes a big event to wake us up from our stupor...and sometimes all it takes is a person walking into our lives. Every girl dreams of being swept off her feet, of that one fleeting moment that will be engrained into your brain where you know everthing in the world put together could not make you happier in that instant (too much grease! ;) ) And everyone wonders when exactly they'll meet their true love. Now if you ask people like Ms. Haslam she'll tell you that there's no such thing as love, that it's just your body preparing for sex.... if that's true then there's no such thing as emotional pain either...for what is pain? Electrical pulses from our brain telling us that we should continously feel like we've been punched in the stomache? Now no offense to Ms. Haslam but if you live you're life like that you'll end up a thirty something high school biology teacher engaged to The Buffalo Man merely because you want to reproduce... :D Everything in our lives is open to interpretation. How we see things is a direct result of the state of mind we choose to view them with. Good question: Is the glass half empty or half full. Better question: Why does it matter?