Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Edition

Ok so it is time for the "Remember When" 2007 Edition...nice....

"Remember When"

We went to the Welcome Back Bonfire and I met you for the first time?

Remember how you were covered in Glow Sticks Gel?

Remember Reffing together?

Remember Seeing Step Up on our first date?

Remember our walk to talk to Rili and she asked if we were together...and you answered "almost"?

Remember Thanksgiving with your cousins?

Remember Tay Tay snorting powdered sugar?

Remember seeing the dolphins?

Remember meeting me at the air port?

Remember taking care of me on choir tour?

Remember talking until 3 am and getting up at 5?

Remember how much I cried and said I hated you but really never could?

Remember when we let him come between us?

Remember when we didnt?

Remember when we met at the swim meet?

Remember "It's my birthday"?

Remember trying to get to Jordan Landing and ending up really lost?

Remember when Jeb was the only one we weren't pissed at for getting us lost?

Remember the Miss Watch-ass Pagent?

Remember "Once I was a selfish fool who never understood, never looked inside myself but on the outside I looked good!"

Remember taking pictures in your room?

Remember the "Cleavage Shirt!"

Remember Les Miserables?

Remember drawing pictures of us all in my living room?

Remember watching CSI every Thursday religiously?

Remember me coming to get you at midnight and going on a drive just so we could scream?

Remember when I fell for him? Hard?

Remember when I showed you my secret spot?

Remember "Thats it. You're dead"

Remember "Hey girls who's that guy?"

Remember eating cake at exactly midnight while watching the meteor shower?

Remember meeting John Louis?

Remember taking me to the wedding?

Remember bathing together and sleeping together every night?

Remember how every night I fell asleep in your arms listening to the waves?

Remember when I ruined the movie ending for you?

Remember how many of us we managed to fit into the photo booth?

Remember meeting me for the first time and how I thought you were crazy?

Remember planning our 18 hour flight together?

Remember how we promised eachother forever...?

Remember how we haven't given up yet?

Remember how I love you and still haven't told you?

Remember when you slipped and told me that you loved me and then covered it up really fast and how i still dont know if you meant it?

Remember when we used to go to the lake every week?

Remember telling me how to wakeboard?

Remember idiot jousting?

Remember how I thought this summer was going to be epic..... it was.