Saturday, November 1, 2008


First off I would like to thank Victor for noting that I actually can spell pneumonia, and considering the number of drugs that are currently in my system I would say that's actually quite impressive. So here is how my week has gone, Monday... felt like crap.... Tuesday and Wednesday... felt like crap. Thursday, collapsed after my race the EMT sent me to the Urgent Care, they diagnosed me with pneumonia. So that's happy but the best is yet to come. They apparently can't tell from the X-rays if my pneumonia is viral or bacterial... which is exciting... bacterial can be fatal and viral is apparently just a pain in the ass. They game me an entire pharmacy full of drugs and said "here take these, if you don't feel better by Sunday come back and we'll put you on an IV and you can spend a few nights in the hospital" So that's a good time.. I've pretty much sat on the couch going entirely stir crazy because I've been banned from the pool, and banned from school because apparently everyone thinks that by boring me to death I might some how magically get better... right.
So while I've been lying here "on my death bed" I've had a nice little bit of time to think about everything and everyone. You realize that the ones that text you every day to check up on you and the ones that come over just to say hi are the people you should be worrying about. Everyone else is pretty inconsequential. It's easy to get caught up in things, people, school, family, I think this sickness was a nice little wake up call for me to slow things down a bit and recognize those that really matter. So thanks to Britta Marie, Berto, and Jake for coming over to check up on me, and thanks to Natalie, Hannah, Lurpey and Troy for texting me to check up on me :D You guys are quite wonderful and I love you lots. :D

I'll be home under house arrest all weekend. Come visit, I'm running out of things to do. LOL

Love always

Erin Jo

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who am I?

On the surface one might say that I’m outgoing, intelligent, confident, energetic and opinionated, but they would be wrong. It’s easy to tell I’m all of those things, but they are states of being, states of mind, and descriptive words. Being outgoing, confident, and energetic is what I am, not who I am.
People look at other people, see them for what they are, and make opinions of them. It’s as if they were looking at a painting, regardless of whether you like the painting your looking at or not, your opinion is formed by projecting your past and your emotions onto a picture and interpreting it as such. Take the Mona Lisa for instance, some people look at the woman and believe she is smiling, others see her frowning, and others still see her as doing neither or both at the same time. The same way people look at different people and interpret them in different ways. If you ask one person I may be a happy person, confident and easy to get along with; ask another person and I may be a cocky, demanding persona, bent on getting things my way. Perspective determines who other people think that we are, but even then who other people believe we are may not be in actuality who we are.
Stereotyping is a way of categorizing new people in ways that makes them easy to understand, but my experiences show that no one is exactly what they seem, and nothing in life is ever easy. Knowing information is entirely useless without the learning process. Learning teaches practical application, without it all the information stored in your brain is simply taking up space. If I can teach someone something that may in fact, help him or her in the future, I would invite him or her to ‘know’ everything they can about me. However, if they are disinclined to learn and simply wish to know, I’m content to remain a mystery.
If I had my way, stereotypes would be obliterated and people as a whole would not be judged by society, but by those appointed to such positions in the government. I choose the qualities I possess, I let other people choose which of these qualities they may judge me by. Some people may say that honesty is the best quality, but I freely admit to being honest only for the fact that lies will never posses the bittersweet sense of injustice and irony that the truth frequently possesses. Others may see determination as a great quality of man, but I also admit that I’m determined only for the foolhardy dream of never admitting defeat. My characteristics are obvious, how you interpret them decides how you will interpret me.
Many people believe who you are defines what you do; I believe they’re mixed up. Everyday you are faced the decisions and choices, different paths lay themselves out before you and you must choose which one to take. In my opinion what you do defines who you are, and I’m still being defined.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have you ever..

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we don't see how much a person really means to us until you know that they will be leaving soon? No matter if it is a friend or family member, be grateful for all those who impact your life because you may realize that its the people you take for granted that are holding your life together. So today as you all decide to take on the world, make sure that you notice who's there supporting you, because they're the ones that truly make living a joy.

Dedicated with all my heart to my Landon Love :)


Thought for the day: A letter takes almost two weeks to get to Spain, and about two weeks to come home... 1 letter a month... 12 letters a year, 24 letters in his mission... awwwwwwwww :) my Landon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

I think everyone in the world should see this video because its's fantastic!

First post of '08....sad... lol

So the school year is winding down, summer is fast approaching. It's so weird to sit back and think about all the things I've done in two years... I'm almost a senior which is really weird to think about. School has run so much of my life for so long it's unnerving to think that I'm going to have to actually face reality soon. Another thing that is ending are some of the friendships I've made with this year's seniors. I know we can all say we'll stay in touch forever, but there are just some people that when they graduate I'll never see again...It's sad but I know that because they're leaving, more new and interesting people will impact my life. So I've decided to share somem of my favorite memories of certain people with you.

Britta: It's basically impossible to pick a favorite memory that I have with you, Astro Girl, 11:00 Mac'n'Cheese, Warped Tour, prom fire, we get up to the most random crap. I think my absolute favorite memory I have of you is 19! That entire time, leading up and the jokes afterwords are worth more to me than life itself.

Randi: My favorite memory with you was the day we went to Walmart and bought crafts. Lol We're basically fantastic, and your R is still sitting in my room... I should probably get that to you. LMAO

Twin: Oh my twin. I dont even know what my favorite memory is with you. Probably bus rides, we always had to sit together and it was definitely a punishable offense for someone else to sit next to us (at least at first). lol I know that I tell people different things, but no one quite understands my boy problems like you do. lol You really mean the world to me and I thank the stars every day that I have you to talk to.

Morgan Love: I pretty much just love taking photo's with you. Anything and everything. The time in your room was weird because I really dont like having my photo taken repeatedly, but somehow you make it really fun.

My Jebby: Oh my jebby. Pretty much I just like being around you. lol you definitely make every day a party. My favorite memory of you is the LesWoLypics. That was a good time... I'm still slightly bitter that you beat me on the running around morgans tramp part though. Dang you and your perfect balance.

Lurpey: Oh dear. Lol You're pretty much a weird kid. But I definitely loved the first time we went to the comedy club with jeb and enano. It was completely and unexpectedly hysterical. I don't know if I've laughed so hard since. That day definitely ranks up there on my list of best dates.

Enano Bunny: So my favorite memory with you is really really really random. The day we sat on your bed and listened to classical music as we stared at the ceiling and found shapes? That was amazing. It was completely childish and a fantastica waste of time but i loved it. :D

Jacob: What else can I say? The date you took me on when we went ice skating? That was amazing. I loved it, even if i did fall and you didn't.

Brady Lee: My favorite memory of you is the one at Costco, before our 9th grade year. You were completely shocked when I ran up and hugged you and I don't think I've seen you that surprised since. We have fun :D

Basically the moral of this story is that with every person there is a story, and with every story comes a lesson to be learned. People teach me things every day, whether I want to know them or not. And I can honestly say that everyone I know has made me who I am today, and is constantly shaping my future. So thanks :D