Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have you ever..

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we don't see how much a person really means to us until you know that they will be leaving soon? No matter if it is a friend or family member, be grateful for all those who impact your life because you may realize that its the people you take for granted that are holding your life together. So today as you all decide to take on the world, make sure that you notice who's there supporting you, because they're the ones that truly make living a joy.

Dedicated with all my heart to my Landon Love :)


Thought for the day: A letter takes almost two weeks to get to Spain, and about two weeks to come home... 1 letter a month... 12 letters a year, 24 letters in his mission... awwwwwwwww :) my Landon.

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Anonymous said...

En Girl -

There are so many times we have taken someone for granted until we leave or they are taken away. It's weird to think that we are only touching each others lives for what seems to be a short time. But always remember, stay in touch with those you love and you will see them again soon. :D Two years will fly by before you know it.

You are an amazing person, and I'm sad to think I won't see you next year. Thanks for being one of those people who have touched my life, as I am sure you have touched others. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and luv ya!